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// Residential building S 02

A mix of different apartments with different areas and floor plans within one building. Two apartments with about 100 square meters, a maisonette apartment of about 280 square meters and an attic apartment of about 150 square meters will satisfy even the most demanding tenant. All rental apartments have a separate access. The apartment of the owners is self-contained and organized a semi-detached house – with an its own driveway and other outdoor facilities including double garage.

// Apartment building for four families
// A mix of different living areas and floor plan types
// Residential units with living areas of about 100 square meters, 150 square meters, 280 square meters
// Rainwater retention pool, own storm water sewers on property
// Massive construction
// Watertight construction of basement


// Residential house W 03

New construction of a single-family dwelling with adjoining apartment and double garage

// Pavilion for exhibitions and presentations M 00

Design of the building for exhibitions, presentations and consulting events in the medical and care industries.