As a Planning Expert, we tailor our Services to your Needs and offer You tailor-made solutions. Our Spectrum ranges from the Development of individual Designs to The control of construction Tasks and the Coordination of Large-scale Projects. Each of these Tasks requires a targeted Approach and Preparation to achieve the optimal, up-to-date result. For this reason, a holistic approach is essential and a Matter of course for us. Thanks to the timely involvement Of our Specialist Engineers in the Development of Your Ideas, your Ideas can be realized Individually. We take on all Tasks in the Areas of Building Planning, Building renovation and Building Extension. Here Is an Overview of our Service Portfolio.


// Consulting

// Concept finding

// Goals

// Scope

Before starting any project, it is crucial to develop the right overall concept. We support you in determining the basics and finding ideas, tailored to your needs.

We inform you about the planning and planning law contexts so that you can find out whether your ideas are in line with the set project goals and can be harmonised. Planning permission is not always required for a building project. We can provide you with target-oriented information even before you start planning.


// Basic Assessment

// Brainstorming

// Conceptual design

// Construction Financing

With the Help of Concept Studies and Visualizations, You can convince yourself of the Final Result before Construction Starts. We work with you on the design planning of your building project and develop the spatial relationships together with you according to your wishes.

It is essential to deal with construction costs at an early stage of any project. We prepare reliable cost calculations for your building projects in order to determine any financing and cost frameworks.


// Construction preceded ask

// Planning and Construction Law

// Approval Planning

// Declarations Of Participation

Before starting each Project, it is crucial to develop the right Concept. We support You in the Determination of the Basic And The Creation Of ideas and develop together with You the spatial Connections for Your Needs. With the Help of Concept Studies and Visualizations, You can convince yourself of the Final Result before Construction Starts. We are at Your side with New Construction and Refurbishment – as well as with Renovation, cultivation or Extension.

It is essential to deal with the construction Costs at the early Stage of each Project and to think about a Cost Estimate at an early stage. We create robust Cost Calculations for Your Construction Project in order to be able to determine any Financing. In doing so, we take into account possible Subsidies from KfW. This allows You to plan and build with us for a secure manner.


// Construction

// Coordination Trades

// Decision-making Templates

// Handover turnkey

As a rule, Builders lack time to deal with the complex Issues and Coordination of a wide variety of Trades. From the Start of Construction to Completion, Your Construction Project will also be built and handed over on a turnkey basis by our competent Architects and Engineers if Required.

We supervise the complete Services and prepare all the processes and Decision Requirements required for the Construction Process. Your Tasks are reduced to the Minimum so that You can continue to devote yourself to your day-to-day Tasks. Just Leave your Project Management to us.


// Structural engineering

// Building Physics

// Heat Protection Evidence EnEV

// Ecological Building

Our Portfolio also covers the Specialist Disciplines of Structural design And Building Physics. Our Engineering Team produces static Calculations and examines all building physics aspects with Regard to heat Protection. As a result, crucial Requirements are already Taken into account in the Draft.

We carry out sound insulation measurements in accordance with DIN 4109, prepare thermal insulation certificates in accordance with DIN 4108 and certificates in accordance with the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV 2016). We always pay Special Attention to the Energy Standard of the construction Project In question.


Our engineering team creates static calculations and examines all aspects of building physics with regard to thermal insulation.

// Warehouses

// Parking

// Gyms

Do You need a bespoke Building for Your Business? As a Partner of Astron Bulding GmbH for Hall Construction, we implement Your individual Construction Project competently and reliably. From the very first Idea, we will advise You and plan the new Building according to Your specific Requirements. Astron halls and Steel logistics Buildings are the perfect Solution for Builders who attach great Importance to individual, high-quality operating Rooms.

Whether You need a Warehouse, a production plant Or a Parking Garage for Your Employees – with the Astron system everything is possible!

So, what are You waiting for? Let’s start Your next Project!

Astron Buildings


// Safety and Health

// Occupational Safety and Health Act

// Security Coordination

// Construction Site Ordinance

Coordination of measures under the general Principles in accordance with Section 4 of the Occupational Safety And Health Act in the Planning of the Implementation. Identify safety And health-protected Interactions between the Work of the individual Trades on the Construction Site and other operational activities or influences on or near the Construction Site.

Identify ways to Avoid Safety and Health Risks. Activities from the Construction Site Ordinance, Occupational Safety and Health Rule on Construction Offers (RAB30).

Your Safety is worth a lot to us!

DIN-Certified Specialist Planner for Accessible Construction

// Accessible Living and Working

// Accessible Planning

// DIN-Certified Specialist Planner

Accessible living and life are in high demand.

Careful planning from the initial steps and increased utility and comfort for all users of buildings.

This includes both economical design and implementation planning, tenders and execution works, as well as expert customer consultation.

We stand for competence in the field of accessible construction and knowledge of the correct application of relevant standards.

DIN 18040-1 “Planning Fundamentals Part 1: Publicly Accessible Buildings”
DIN 18040-2 “Planning Fundamentals Part 2: Housing”
DIN 18040-3 “Planning Fundamentals Part 3: Public Traffic and Open Space”
Expert knowledge for the planning and execution of accessible buildings

We remove your barriers!

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