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// Industrial and administrative buildings R 00

New construction of a production hall with a three-floor administrative and laboratory wing.

After the project was successfully realised, the site turned into the NRW headquarters of the leading supplier of solutions for shredding and particle measurement technology. This complex features a green area inside the building, as well as open and filled with light main entrance area. The atrium of the building provides a small green oasis for the staff to spend their breaks in. Areas of administrative and laboratory sectors are modern and filled with light. The entire complex occupies an area around 2,000 m². A large production hall attached to the administrative wing with an area of approximately 4,000 m² was built using steel structures and reinforced concrete. The hall has a variety of production areas, delivery zones, rooms for staff and different auxiliary rooms.

This commercial construction project was realised for UHB-Projekt-GmbH while not being self-employed.

// Realization 2011/2012
// Elemental building construction
// Options for floor & area extension were prepared
// Atrium
// Office building of reinforced concrete
// Production hall of steel structures and reinforced concrete
// Geothermal energy
// Thermal mass activation of room heating and cooling
// Ventilation system
// Pipelines with steel casing for heating, ZUKO, EMA
// LED lighting technology
// Fire alarm system, sprinkler system incl. water tank for extinguishing water


// Residential house W 03

New construction of a single-family dwelling with adjoining apartment and double garage

// Pavilion for exhibitions and presentations M 00

Design of the building for exhibitions, presentations and consulting events in the medical and care industries.