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// Residential building S 04

// Ökologische Bauweise

// Errichtung in System-Holzbauweise, Satteldach mit Pfanneneindeckung.

// Geothermie / Betonkernaktivierung / automatisierte Raumlüftung

// MSR-Gebäudeautomation,

// Hochgedämmte Außenhülle mit Zellulosedämmung

// Automatisierte Sonnenschutz Regulierung


One-floor house constructed using timber frame with integrated full home automation system.

The building was specifically equipped with an MSR building automation system. Geothermal energy source, along with with concrete core activation and heavily insulated with cellulose insulation outer walls provide superb energy efficiency. The newest technical standards used in construction of this house not only reduce the owning costs, but also provide a high level of living comfort.

// Ecological building construction
// Timber frame construction, pitched tile roof
// Geothermal / concrete core activation / automated room ventilation
// MSR building automation
// Outer house shell is heavily insulated with cellulose material
// Automated sun protection


// Residential house W 03

New construction of a single-family dwelling with adjoining apartment and double garage

// Pavilion for exhibitions and presentations M 00

Design of the building for exhibitions, presentations and consulting events in the medical and care industries.