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// Pavilion for exhibitions and presentations M 00

// Entwurf, Konzeptfindung für ein Ausstellungspavillon
// Präsentation Visualisierung
// Gesamtfläche 200 m²
// Pfosten-Riegel-Fassade
// Vorgehängte Fassade

Design of the building for exhibitions, presentations and consulting events in the medical and care industries.

With this new building the customer would not only get a new, modern public image, but also the possibility to create a connection between consulting and actual hands-on experience. This building is designed to be compact, yet it has several exhibition, presentation and consulting areas. The use of the buildings’ areas can be adjusted at any time to the specific needs.

The belt which wraps the building has not only static, but also usage-relevant functions. Furthermore, it serves as an integral part of the building and forms its striking appearance.

This commercial construction project was realised for UHB-Projekt-GmbH while not being self-employed.

// Design and concept development for an exhibition pavilion
// Design visualisation
// Total building floor area
// Mullion-transom facade
// Mounted facade


// Residential house W 03

New construction of a single-family dwelling with adjoining apartment and double garage

// Commercial building MG 01-22

Planning of buildings for warehouse and office use throughout Germany.