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// Administrative building and office extension M 01

As a result of rapid business growth additional administrative workplaces were desperately needed. As the first step every inch of the existing buildings’ inside space was analyzed. Finally, the possibility for additional office space for 8 workplaces was found in the vacant attic. Through a targeted modernization of the buildings’ structural elements and careful handling of its existing attic elements, a spacious, modern and light-flooded working space was created. Variety of new facade elements and roof windows supplied enough light for an adequate and comfortable workspace with a total area of about 150 m².

In the interior design were used only high-quality materials, which underscore the industrial character of the property and at the same time upgrade its value. The entire interior design concept is exclusive and was specifically designed for this project and property.

// Interior design
// Floor heating
// Skylights
// Roof windows
// LED lighting technology
// Special furniture design
// Building sustainability
// Industrial character of the property kept


// Residential house W 03

New construction of a single-family dwelling with adjoining apartment and double garage

// Pavilion for exhibitions and presentations M 00

Design of the building for exhibitions, presentations and consulting events in the medical and care industries.